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Fountain Percolator Beaker Bubbler 20cm

Fountain Percolator Beaker Bubbler 20cm (Red Eye Glass)

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This intricately crafted, sophisticated borosilicate glass dab rig is the perfect height to enjoy the incredible flavour of your concentrates. Fountain Percolator Beaker Bubbler’s narrow passageways ensure vapour travels quickly through the oil bong to your lungs, for a hit that’s never stale. Smoke is filtered and diffused by the gurgling fountain percolator resulting in the smoothest, coolest, tastiest inhale! The reinforced fixed downstem holds a durable quartz glass nail and sleek, stylish dome. The angled neck and flared mouthpiece allow for a comfortable toke and an airtight seal. The stunning oil bong has three sturdy marble feet, one of which contains a nebula of stars. Sit back, relax and ponder the mysterious beauty of space. Fountain Precolator Beaker Bubbler is suitable for oils, waxes, concentrates, and extracts. Only heat the top of the oil nail, otherwise the grinding may break.

Bong Features:
  • Oil & Wax
  • Oil Dome
  • Quarz Nail
Bowl Material:
  • Glass
  • Clear
Glass Thickness:
2 mm
Joint Size:
  • SG 14
  • Fountain Percolator
25 mm
  • Glass

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