embargo or not ?! urgent....



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ive just been on the sjamaan website and read that there is an embargo on shrooms goin to germany. now ive seen a lot of posts which claimed that there is absolutly no prob with the mm orders bein send to germany ...?!


could anyone help me plz ?!

thnx alot



Sjamaan I-net

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Dear nupipe,

Past events (not relating to your country) have caused us to change our

policy on sending mushroom products to different countries: From april

2005 on, we are only sending mushroom products, to those countries we know

mushrooms are legal in. This means that although we have sent mushroom

products to your country in the past without any problems, we need

information on the legality of Psilocybe mushrooms in your country, before

we can start shipping mushrooms there again. If you are able to provide us

with proof or sufficient information that shows Psilocybe mushrooms or

grow kits are legal in your country, we will send you for free magic

mushrooms or free magic mushroom kits.

Best regards,