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Hello I am from Spain and I need to know if I order fresh Stropharia Cubensis tomorrow 07/04/06 will I receive them before 11/04/06. Can I eat them if they are fresh or do I need to dry them first ? I´m going with some friends to a camping on 12/04/06 and I´d like to know if I can eat them fresh and if I would receive them before that date. I´m from Madrid. How much should I order ? we are 6 or 7 friends. Thank you.

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Hello jacket23,

Hard to say, because if you order tomorrow than your order will probably be queued for shipping on monday( 10th) (first we need to check your payment card) and i will send it on monday, it will be there in 1-2 days, so it will be there 11th ot the 12th. depending on where you live in spain, you could send my a e-mail with you exact address and i can find out for you how long it will take, this is the e-mail address: info@sjamaan.net

You can eat them fresh, no problem.

Just order two times the 150 grams cubensis, then you will get 10 cubensis portions, one portion= one person,

that should be enough,

Best regards,

Sjamania shipping crew