Shipping time for orders to Denmark.


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I'm thinking of ordering some magic mushrooms from this site to Denmark. I would love it if some people could post the time it took from when they ordered to the time it arrived to their home.

Jeg overvejer at købe nogle svampe, og det ville være dejligt at høre fra nogen der har bestilt svampe til Danmark og hvor lang tid det tog fra de bestilte til de ankom.

Thanks in advance!

-Rune Svendsen


Staff member
If you order fresh mushrooms, EPS is included. EPS is a fast shipping service. Once you place an order, the payment needs to be checked. Once that;s o.k., your order will be queued for shipping. We always send the fresh mushrooms out on monday, to prevent that they arrive in the weekend. Once the order has been shipped it takes 2-3 days to reach you in Denmark.