So you decide to take Shrooms


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Hey im about 140pounds and i want to take shrooms for the first time. I was woundering how much i should take?Yes, ive done pratcially every other drug there is but, i was just woundering, how much??


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1.5-2 grams for your first time to see what its like but if an hour passes and your not tripping really bad and you want to them for for the full salami what I do and make your grand total of 4-5 grams. You'll be in your onwn little happy lant for at least 6-8 hours. My first time I took a half eighth, 1.75 gms and I wasent tripping enough so I took another full eighth 5.25 gms in total and i was in a total and complete lala land for about 10 hours. It was awsome.


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If you've never tripped before id start with a small amount (maybe half to three quarters of a gram dried mexican) and wait about an hour before deciding whether to do any more.

moe darklight

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i dunno bout that 1 hour. with me (i weigh about the same as you do) it takes about 2 hours untill i feel ANYTHING and then bout 4 more hours till im actually tripping...


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pot is another contributing factor. if you are a chronic user, mushrooms are just another great drug that could only make for an amazing time.