Some Questions about shipping and stuff


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im from germany and ordered some stuff from your webpage, ive sent the money to ur bank account and some days ago i got an email, which said that i have to reply on it(with my telnumber), if i wanted egpshipping and stuff. Now, i dont know anymore if i wanted egpshipping, so the ppl from the shippingcompany can call me...for me it doesnt make any sense, but hopefully you guys can help me, really need to know if its on its way or if it is send when i reply to the confirmation email.



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If you received an e-mail saying ''Your order has been queued'', it is still in the process of being prepared. If you received an e-mail saying ''Your order has been shipped'', than it has been send. EPG is a fast method of sending. It can only be used within Europe and guarentees fast delivery. If you have ordered fresh mushrooms (truffels not included), EPG is standard included to guarentee freshness. If you order other products than fresh mushrooms you can also choose to have it send by EPG fast shipping. It is not standard included. When fresh muyshrooms have been order or EPG has been chosen, a telephone number is asked, so that we can include it with the adres. In case you are not home when the postman comes he can give you a call to let you know that the parcel has arrived. For any other shipping questions, please contact