can you guys help me out


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hi i have never ate shrooms before and i just got some from a trusted friend and i have a half eight and i was just wanting to make sure there not poisionous so i will describe them

they have white stems and the stems also have a

silverish color and a light brown color

Some of the caps are brown and some of the caps

are white with a little silverish color aswell

are these ok to eat? plz reply as soon as possible


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No, don't eat them. First, it is almost impossible to do a accurate identification from a written description. Second, this does not sound like a magic mushroom to me, and I have seen many.


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Always look for the blue stain, whan the stems are cut they turn blue, if they dont turn dont eat them, the caps range from almost solid white to almost solid light brown, most have what i call a 'coffee drop' on the cap, it is brown in the center and fades out to white.

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i woulndnt touch'em, even if you trust your mate he could be wrong, that means no trip for you, probaly get sick (die mayby) dont eat them