how to order to Turkey?


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would you please help me about ordering acknowledgement and is it possible to order to Turkey? Thanking you in advance for your kindly information.

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Many thanks for your reply. But, i think you dont know that is not legal in Turkey and i think there is going to be some trouble probability in customs check. Dont you think so?

Whats Sjamaan's precautions about this, or does Sjamaan have precautions for this kind of situations??

By the way, i had checked the site of Sjamaan and they dont recommend to ordering to countries which is not legal. Now, i am a little confused 'coz, as you say, there would not be any problem..But, Sjamaan doest not approve according to its suggestion..

Well, i dont want to waste your time but i really need help and support about the ordering magic mushroom to Turkey..

I will much appreciate your soonest response. Thanking you in advance for your collaboration and clarifing me...

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In our policy we put the responsibility for legality with the customer. It is for you to check if a product is legal or illegal. If it is illegal and it does not arrive we do not resend the parcel. We can send it because it is legal here but for the rest it is your responsibility.