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i'd like to buy some magic mushrooms from ur site.

but would like to know how "legal" this exactly is in Belgium.

i know you ship them to belgium but also know psylocibine is considered illegal here.

so then what's illegal? using the mushrooms / receiving the package / anything else?

many thanks.

Sjamaan I-net

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Hello Howtoremember,

We are no lawyers and can not give you a firm answer about Belgian law. For a exact answer, you need to see a belgian lawyer. We nor or customers have never had any legal problems with shipping shrooms to Belgium. Psilocybine and psilocin are illegal in Belgium & Holland. This says nothing about the mushrooms themselves. Only about two of the substances in them. Shrooms are legal in Holland. Belgium & Holland are part of the EU. The EU has a free trade treaty which all member states have signed. This means that all goods which are legally produced in Holland (including mushrooms) can be legally imported into Belgium. For more info about te free trade treaty see:

Hope this answers your question.

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