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Condition C5174

The following species of plants contain drugs or precursors of drugs that are listed as prohibited under Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956 (including amendments up to 10 November 2000). The Customs Regulations also prohibit the importation of all goods from Iraq or goods of Iraqi origin from any country. Written permission from the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the importation of these plants or parts of plants, including seeds, is required prior to AQIS processing an Import Permit application or Quarantine Entry for the imported goods.

Consignments of any of these plants or parts of plants, including seeds, found by AQIS Officers in imports, shall be referred to the Australian Customs Service. The quarantine import conditions for these plants or parts of plants can be found on ICON under the plant species name. If the plant species can not be found, e-mail the ICON Administrator or ring an AQIS Office.

Plants, parts of plants and seeds prohibited under Customs Regulations

* Argyreia nervosa

* Cannabis sativa (Marijuana) - Cannabis and cannabis resin

* Catha edulis

* Erythroxylon spp. (Cocaine)

* Ipomoea hederacea

* Ipomoea tricolor

* Ipomoea violacea

* Lophophora Coulter - Any species of this genus

* Papaver bracteatum

* Papaver sominferum (opium poppy)

* Piper methysticum (Kava)

* Piptadenia peregrina (Anadenanthera peregrina)

* Rivea corymbosa

Fungi and plant products prohibited under Customs Regulations

* Chewing tobacco and snuff for oral consumption

* Fungi that contain psilocine or psilocybine



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Nice website!

Please post a link to where we can find the law, you are reffering to. Links to related laws are also welcome.

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Is the link.


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If mushroom spores do not contain Psilocine or Psilocybine, does this mean that Australians can legally import mushroom growing kits?

Have any Aussies used Sjamaan successfully without any legal ramifications?

Would love to know this is all ok so I can go about ordering some mushie growing kits! =]

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This is the place you will find the answer with your own eyes:

Import Conditions (ICON) database at

I would say from what I've found out the answer is yes, if they have no trace of Psilocine or Psilocybine.

I myself keep a little diary of what I did to find out about legal highs, in the coming days or weeks will probably look into the mushroom import too, as I'm not having any luck finding them wild.


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I am very greatful for your info.
Please also look into the import and sales of mushroom grow supplies, like spores, kits, etc.
What about mescaline cacti? San Pedro (Trichocereus pachanoi) is widely used as an ornamental cactus and to have other cacti grow opun for it is the fastest growing cacti on earth.


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In general the mescaline cacti grow slowly, but the San Pedro is the fastest growing cacti species in the world. I have some of them on my balcony and they have grown about 15 to 20 Cm in one year. From the San Pedro species you need about 20 Cm for one full trip.


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Also interesting for Ozzies to find out if you are allowed to order certain products.