Mushroom Heat Mat 274X130mm

Mushroom Heat Mat 274X130mm

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Use the Magic Mushroom Heat Mat to provide your mushrooms with the ideal temperature for an optimal harvest. Increase your yield with this Magic Mushroom Heat Mat. Lower or higher temperatures will delay the growth process, but the Mushroom Heat Mat ensures an ideal constant temperature. Don’t waste energy heating the entire room. Grow magic mushrooms all year round.

  • Size: 274 x 130 mm
  • Power: 5 W, 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Temperature: 24 °C (75.2°F)

Place the plastic bag with the grow kit in it on the mushroom heat mat. Plug the heat mat into a wall socket and switch it on. After two days switch the mushroom heat mat off and wait until the fruit bodies have started to develop (usually takes about 1 week). Once the mushrooms are visible switch the mushroom heat mat back on and open the bag.

If the fruit bodies haven’t developed after 10 days, take the cake out of the plastic box. Place it back inside the plastic box on its side (shortest end so that the cake is sticking up). Place the cake and plastic box back into the plastic bag. Switch the mushroom heat mat on for two days, then switch it off.

Though you can place the plastic bag with the grow kit in it directly on the mat, it’s better to avoid direct contact between the mushroom heat mat and the grow kit. Over heating may dry out the cake. Place a small wire rack or a cork coaster on top of the mushroom heat mat. Place the plastic bag with the grow kit in it on top.