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Vapor Genie Smooth

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Shaped like a tobacco pipe Vapor Genie Smooth dry herb vaporizer pipe has a classic and timeless appeal. All you need is a lighter or hemp wick to create flavourful vapour. Vapor Genie Smooth is longer than the original Vapor Genie vapour pipe for an even cooler, smoother inhale.

Appearance & Features
Vapor Genie Smooth is hand-carved from walnut wood and hand-finished with carnauba and beeswax. The vaporizer pipe sits upright on any flat surface for easy loading. Unscrew the spherical top containing the high-purity silicon carbide ceramic filter to reveal the herb bowl with stainless steel screen. The bowl is held in place with a small amount of high-performance, high-temperature epoxy, an adhesive that will not give off gas or vapour. The Vapor Genie vapour pipe comes with a removable extended mouthpiece.

15 cm L x 3.8 cm W x 5.8cm H

Unscrew the spherical top and fill the bowl with partially ground herb. Screw the top in place, hold your lighter or lit hemp wick so that the flame does not touch the ceramic filter, and inhale. The mix of heat and ambient air gently vaporises your ground material. Your draw method, slow or fast, regulates the temperature. Vapor Genie Smooth has a greater flame input to tip length than the classic Vapor Genie pipe, which makes it easier to see where the flame is and hold it in the correct position. With a little practice, you’ll soon be enjoying smooth, clean hits. As long as you’re using the Vapor Genie Smooth vaporising pipe properly, you’ll never need to replace the heat-resistant ceramic filter.

Lifetime Warranty
Submit warranty claims to Vapor Genie (link). All VaporGenie products come with a Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty covering product defects and unreasonable failures. If your VG comes apart, cracks or otherwise fails with normal use, Vapor Genie will replace it. The warranty does not cover soot-clogged filters, a result of improper use.

Vapor Genie Smooth Vaporizer Kit Contents
1x Vaporising Pipe
1x User Guide

Warning & Disclaimer
Read the instructions thoroughly before use to avoid user errors. Vaporizers are aromatherapy devices suitable for vaporising legal herbs and/or oils, waxes and other concentrates. Vapor Genie Smooth is not intended for use with illegal substances. Keep out of reach of children. De Sjamaan is not responsible or liable for misuse of the Vapor Genie Smooth.

  • Teak
  • Walnut
Heat Up Time:
max. 5 sec
Heating Method:
  • Lighter
Vaporizer Features:
  • Plastic
  • Steel
  • Wood

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Vapor Genie Manual (vg_classic_guide.pdf, 214 Kb) [Download]